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Credit 2 Homeownership


Our mission is to get you(future homeowner) to the closing table with keys in hand, walking you into your dream home.

3 Things Needed to Own a Home

A Strong Credit Score

Strong credit consist of a Strong credit profile as well as a Strong score.

Most home loan approval scores start at a 620 and higher.

1.A strong profile has 30% or less credit utilization rate,

2. 35% or more of on time payments,

3. 15% length of credit history in good standards,

4.10% mix credit and 10% new credit.

Having a strong score provides you with leverage.

Credit report with score on a desk

An Approval Status

An approval status is the banks way of saying the borrower is able to afford this home loan.

A mortgage loan approval is based on several factors.

1. Your Income

2.Your Debt and Asset

3. Your Credit Score

4. Your Employment History

5. Your Desired Loan

You're pre-approved
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Home Search

Once you get that letter of approval it’s now time to partner with a REALTOR (me if you are in the state of Florida) and start the journey of finding your dream home.

Things to Keep in Mind When Searching For A Home

1.Location and Neighborhood

2.Square Footage

3.Compromise ( what is a must have and what’s not, i.e. a fenced backyard vs a non fenced backyard)

4.ALWAYS consider your budget.

Just b/c you got approved for a $500,000 house doesn’t mean you have to purchase a $500,000 house

5. Always remember your Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Loan Originator has your best insterest in hand.

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Khadijah, a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) operating across all 50 states, brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of homeownership. With a dual focus as a credit restoration specialist, she serves as a comprehensive one-stop shop for individuals aspiring to achieve homeownership dreams. Khadijah boasts over five years of real estate experience as an agent in the Jacksonville, FL area.

Certified as a Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) and a Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource Specialist (SFR), Khadijah excels in navigating the complexities of real estate transactions. Specifically, as a Short Sale/Foreclosure Specialist, her primary objective is to provide tailored solutions for individuals and families facing challenges after falling behind on mortgage payments.

In her role as a RENE specialist, Khadijah is dedicated to establishing transparent communication, setting realistic expectations, identifying potential obstacles, defining acceptable parameters, staying informed about market dynamics, and ensuring clients are consistently updated and well-prepared throughout the process.

Khadijah's core principles revolve around honesty, integrity, determination, and dedication, which she applies not only in her professional endeavors but across all aspects of her life. For those contemplating buying or selling in the Jacksonville area, Khadijah stands ready to offer her expertise and commitment.

Khadijah takes immense pride in delivering exceptional service, prioritizing quality care, and forging lasting relationships with her clients. If you seek a knowledgeable and dedicated partner on your homeownership journey, contact Khadijah for a personalized and comprehensive experience.

Khadijah Johnson, REALTOR/MLO #2521910

RENE Certified, SFR


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